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Our Story... and Blanca's

Bianca’s Essence was born out of the desire to truly care for people, by helping them live a balanced and healthy life, with less pain and stress.

When Blanca was just a girl, her mom and sister suffered from some of the worst migraines; with no experience, Blanca started to work on them, massage, compassion and the right energy seemed to do the trick, pain was dramatically decreased or completely gone. Soon, not only family members, but friends and neighbors would call on her “healing touch”, and so, the journey to wellbeing began.

In the present, she performs her own Award Winning signature massage which includes a combination of multiple techniques depending on what the body and mind communicates to her.

Also, she realized in her own experience as an “ugly duckling” that image was more powerful than what people would accept, if you were considered beautiful by nature, doors would open bringing opportunities, but if not, things would work a little different.

We have all heard: “Image does not matter; only what’s inside our hearts counts”. Is that completely true?

Blanca started this never ending journey over 20 years ago when she realized in fact that beauty has always been there, inside of all of us, we just have to give it a place embraced by harmony where it can be set free. Beauty is not what we see in magazines or on TV, it evolves over time, is not something fixed, and in the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Confidence on the other hand, is a must and it’s impacted by how we see ourselves.

With the appropriate guidance to find the right skin care treatments, and lifestyle changes, we can achieve that harmonious place where beauty can flourish, and wellness can exist, without going bankrupt and changing who we are in essence. In fact, the right Image is meant to communicate your ideas more clearly and effectively.

We emphasize effort and time in increasing knowledge and skills to make your experience safe, enjoyable, and worthwhile.


For our clients, an average, standard-one size fits all service is not ok, and the services we offer are considered essential to make them feel and look better. Others standardize, we personalizes. You change... we change with you.

Let’s just enjoy our lives, create beautiful memories and leave behind a legacy: That of making a difference in the world and anyone we came across with. That’s what Bianca’s Essence was created for.


What To Expect From Us

  • A heaven-like experience.

  • A true Happy to see you smile every time we greet you. 

  • Benefits, tangible results and answers. 

  • A clean, safe, and relaxing environment.

  • High Quality products and Ingredients.

  • Personalized services.

  • Respect and kindness. 

  • Privacy and Ethics. 

  • Top Customer Service.

  • Never be treated as a ticket sale. 

  • Professional long lasting relationships.

  • Good questions to help you find out what your needs are, prioritize and create a plan. 

  • Exceed your Expectations. If we fail, we will strive to correct it cheerfully. 

  • The best for you and your wellbeing. If we cannot meet your needs, we’ll send you to someone who can.

  • Active support towards the community needs and events. 

  • Make a difference and leave behind a Legacy.

Relaxing Mood - Spa and oils

What Makes Us Different and Valuable

  • Our Culture. (See above)

  • Knowledge, Skills and a Personal Touch make us more Valuable than products or settings.

  • Others Standardized, We Personalized. 

  • One-on-One Approach.

  • Highly Trained Specialists not technicians.

  • We listen to our Clients.

  • Hands on Vs. Machines.

  • We make it safe, enjoyable and worthwhile.

  • Ability to work with budgets.

  • High standards of sterilization and cross-contamination. 

  • Be able to schedule and shop online.

  • Get all services performed in one private room.

  • Active Blog to stay connected and discuss up to date concerns. 

  • Specialized in people who don’t want average nor being treated like a ticket sale.

  • Continuous education and attendance to Tradeshows, Seminars and Events. 

  • Member of Various Trade Associations to keep us up to date.

  • You will always receive the best from us… If we can’t meet your needs, we’ll let you know.

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